#T-5300 Long Line Trolling System
Long line trolling is an effective fishing technique when fish are scattered and hard to locate.  Covering large areas of water with multiple baits can be very effective.  The more water you cover with your baits, the more fish you will catch.  Trolling can increase your success on the water, but without the proper equipment, your lines can tangle and your rods can become broken or pulled into the water by hard strikes or hang ups.

Driftmaster has developed a trolling system that puts rods where you need them without limiting access to your engine or deck hatches.  The T-5300 Corner Rack System consist of two stainless steel tubes, one for each rear corner of the boat.  The tubes are bent to allow rods to be placed out the side, and the back.  With rods aimed to the side as well as straight back, a trolling path of 30 or more feet can be covered with each pass.  The system attaches to stainless base plates that mount flush to eliminate any tripping hazards when the racks are removed. The rack is Driftmaster strong and easily comes off the boat when not in use.  Only the four flush mounting plates remain.  The standard rack is ten inches tall and holds the rods sixteen inches off the deck.  An eighteen inch tall rack is also available which holds rods at twenty four inches. For Crappie and pan fish, each rack comes with four Li’l Duo rod holders that can hold a rod at 0 or 30 degrees.  Pro Series Duo’s are available for heavy rods and bigger fish.  The two position rod holders allow you to raise or lower your rod tip quickly as you troll over shallows or tree tops.  The port side rack comes with left threaded rod holders to allow hard pulls like planer boards or umbrella rigs while keeping your rods aimed out the side.   The starboard side rack has right threaded rod holders for the same reason.  The T-5300 comes complete with two racks, eight rod holders, and mounting hardware. 

Our patented two piece supports are very strong and easy to remove
Patent #7 640 692 B1
Racks can be mounted in either orientation. 
Patented two position rod holder allows quick and easy depth change
Patent #6 487 813 B2