Round T-Bars Allow Unlimited Rod Adjustment

  • 10" tall X 1/2" diameter vertical stem fits #200-B star base (included)
  • Full horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Stem-lock sprocket locks T-Bar in 12 horizontal positions
  • Available for 2 rods or 4
  • Locking stem makes these suitable for heavy trolling as well as spider rigging.
Protecting Your Investment
For maximum service from your rod holders and bases we
recommend periodic cleaning of the threads. Spray with WD-40.
  • 2 #210-H Rod Holders
  • 2 #214-B Bases
  • 1    9" Long / Round T-Bar
  • 1  10"  Stem / #200-B Base and Mounting Screws
Flat Trolling Bars - Side To Side Rod Adjustment

  • Fully adjustable side to side for fishing multiple rods
  • Use with any Li'l Pro Series rod holder (furnished with #210-H Rod Holders)
  • Cost less - If you don't need vertical rod adjustment, this is your system
#FT-09-H holds 2 rods
US Patent# 6 213 441 B1
Manning SC
(803) 473-4927
#T-118H holds 4 rod holders
US Patent# 6 213 441 B1
#T-009H holds 2 rod holders
US Patent# 6 213 441 B1
If You're Going To Spider Rig,
Fish Like You Mean It With Driftmaster T-Bars
T-250 Series T-Bars

Unique Patented Design Utilizes A Super Strong 1 1/2" Diameter Tube For The Vertical Stem.

*  Unlimited Rod Adjustment

*  Easy To Turn Out Of The Way Of Trolling Motors Or Walk Ways Then Turn Back And Tighten Securely To Get Back To Fishing.

*  Can Be Removed And Disassembled For Storage In About Ten Seconds.

*  Polished Stainless Base Mounts Flush And Secures With Four Screws For Strength

*  Polished Stem And T-Bar Means  Your System Will Look As Good As It Works.

All Driftmaster Round Trolling Bars Allow Unlimited Rod Angle Adjustment By Loosening One Wingnut On The Clamp Base.  ** This does not apply to FT-18 and FT-09 flat T-bars.
#FT-18-H holds 4 rods
US Patent# 6 213 441 B1
  • (4) #210-H Rod Holders
  • (1)  18" Long / 1 1/2" Wide Flat Bar
  • (1)  10"  Locking Stem / #200-B Base and Mounting Screws
  • 2 #210-H Rod Holders
  • 1  7" Long / 1 1/2" Wide Flat Bar
  • 1  10"  Locking Stem / #200-B Base and Mounting Screws
Includes (4) #210-H Li'l Pro Rod Holders
US Patent# 7 640 692 B1
Includes (4) #2100-H Gun Slinger Rod Holders
US Patent# 7 640 692 B1
Driftmaster Pro Staffer Kent Driscoll
Driftmaster 10" Tall T-bars with locking stem.....
Designed For These....
Strong Enough For These!!!!!
79.5 Pound Blue Cat Caught By Blake Riley
On The Ohio River From A Driftmaster T-bar!
  • 4 #210-H Rod Holders
  • 4 #214-B Bases
  • 1  24" Long / 7/8 Dia. Round T-Bar
  • 1  10"  Locking Stem / #200-B Base and Mounting Screws
Kent Driscoll With 2 Nice Tennessee Slabs!
Mount #200-B Star Base permanently to boat, and T-bar system can be attached or removed in seconds.
Mount #200-B Star Base permanently to boat, and T-bar system can be attached or removed in seconds.
T-250 Series T-Bars Are Tournament Proven TOUGH!
T-250-H equipped with Li'l Pro rod holders is designed for spider rigging (slow trolling jigs or minnows).  The Li'l Pro rod holders offer the versatility of side trolling as well because of the "U" shaped front.
T-250-HC The Gun Slingers were designed with the help of 6 time national champion Ronnie Capps to be the ultimate setup for tight-lining or slow trolling for Crappie.  The "V" shaped front allows hook sets against the fish.  If the fish is taking your bait left, you set the hook to the right. This technique can increase hook sets by 15%.  Gun Slingers also have a wider cradle for easy access and super fast hook sets.  Because of the "V" shaped front, this model is not suitable for side trolling, but If tight-lining is you method, this is your system!
Spider rig for crappie without drilling
T-250 Series T-Bars For Bass Boats With No Drilling Required!
New Disign; Stronger and More Adustable
3/4" pedestal seat pin goes through clearance hole.
*Available for Ranger Boats
Done Right!
T-118, T-009, FT-18 and FT-09 have a locking stem that prevents T-bar from turning.  Follow the instructions to rotate T-bar then lock back in place.
T-275-H Crappie Stalker System
T-bar components allow unlimited adjustment in any direction.  Low profile allows holder to be folded down close to boat when not in use.
Designed to totally isolate rods and eliminate rod movement.  Adjusting one rod on a T-bar can cause the others to move, spooking fish.  The T-275 puts each rod with its own T-bar; eliminating movement of one rod while adjusting another.  Less spooked fish means more strikes.  Each holder mounts individually so total customization of your fishing platform is achieve with Crappie Stalker system.  Available with gun slinger style holders (T-275-HC) and Li'l Pro style holders (T-275-H).
Crappie Stalker
Call 803-473-4927
US Patent# 7 640 692 B1
Crow Foot mounting system with (8) Li'l Pro Rod Holders

Crow Foot mounting system with (8) Gun Slinger Rod Holders

Call 803-473-4927
Kent Driscoll
US Patent# 6 213 441 B1
Stainless top tube is one piece and shaped to 'wrap arround" for optimum fishing posisiton. 

Top bar clamps to vertical supports.  Moving the legs of the crowfoot in or out, moves the rack toward or away from angler.
Top bar is 1" stainless for strength.  Wrap-around design allows even rod spacing.  Swivels out of the way of trolling motor.