The new trolling bar is the bomb!!!  It's sturdy, stable, and easily adjustable, not to mention good looking.  Took Russ Bailey from Midwest Outdoors fishing and caught 70 crappie on tape in four hours.  Russ was pumped and said it could be the best show he ever shot!....Kent Driscoll - B&M Pro Staff

I make my living fishing, making fishing videos and building fishing boats, so you might say I am into fishing and know what works and what doesn't.  I know what it takes to make a product strong and reliable. I use a lot of rod holders but have never found anything that will compare to the Driftmaster rod holders in the way of strength, durability and easy to use.  I can take my regular guide boat that I spent the day bass fishing in and in 5 minutes have 24 rod holders in it for spider rigging.  I hope you enjoy their products as much as I have.  Jim Duckworth
I used a competitors rod holder on my boat for two years before installing a set of Driftmasters.  During that two years, well over half of the old rod holders were broken due to the pressure of smashing strikes by the catfish resulting in loss of two expensive rod and reel combinations.
In the year, since installing the Driftmaster Duo Pro rod holders, there has been no loss of rods.  The ease of use causes the client to use the rod holder instead of simply leaning the rod up on the side.  When drifting straight down, the rod can still be removed from the rod holder while under pressure from a strong fish.    Albert McBee
As a professional guide, I am very demanding of my equipment.  I expect quality, reliability and Driftmaster rod holders is all of that and then some, at a very affordable price.  Driftmaster rod holders is all you think it is and all you will need on your boat.
In 26 years of guiding for Bass and Stripers, I have had some big fish on the line and all that time Driftmaster rod holders. !!
You can only be as good as your equipment, so when it comes to rod holders and bases that are applicable to almost any type of boat or any type of fishing, I choose Driftmaster Rod Holders. 
Mack Farr
When you are a pro guide and a hard core catman like me you have to depend on quality, day after day, month after month.  I put more miles on my Driftmaster rod holders than a new pair of shoes.  Those 50 and 80 pound flatheads and big blue cats would like nothing better than to jerk my rod & reel out of my boat.  I have seen big brute flatheads rip other rod holders right off the gunnell rail, screws and all.  I have been clear at the other end of my 20 ft. boat and have a big flathead bury the rod down and not have a worry in the world using my Driftmaster Rod Holders.   CatDaddy The Kansas Catman
Strength, Quality and Durability for all types of fishing.  Driftmaster Rod Holders #1. (Pro Guide Catdaddy Shumway)

"I fish 24 rods at a time.  I have three of the T-5000 Trolling Systems each with 8 rod holders.  It is the greatest thing I have seen.  I mounted them on a pontoon railing with no drilling.  I have three other boats and can change them from one boat to another in less than ten minutes.  Thank you so much Driftmaster for such a great product!"  
David Wampole, NSBA Gold Pro Trail
I have seen and used a number of rod holders on my boats since I started fishing the Santee Cooper Lakes fifty years ago.  Without a doubt, I personally prefer the style and durability of Driftmaster Rod Holders when it comes to fishing for Stripers and Catfish on my present Pontoon.  They are truly quality rod holders.  Captain Doug Allen
My partner and I have been using Driftmaster rod holders on our guide boats for 20 years or more, and still have some of the first ones you made.  They are durable, the rods sit just right and we wouldn't use any other brand.  Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!  Captain's Chuck Duke and LC Jordan
My wife Capt. Barb Witherell and I use only Driftmaster rod holders on all three of our boats.  That's 16 on each boat.  We have used them for the past 12 or so years and have never had a failure.  Many of our customers are so impressed with them they follow up and fit their boats with them. As far as I am concerned the other rod holders on the market  just do not measure up.  Driftmasters are on our boats, because we owe it to our customers to use only the best equipment available.  Captain's Barb & Nathan Witherell
I love my Driftmaster rod holders.  I use the 1/2" Stainless Steel Pro Series and I don't think you could break them if you tried.  Jerry Blake
On Wednesday last week I mailed three broken rod holders back to Driftmaster, today, Thursday, there is a box on my front porch with three new rod holders.  No cost.  No questions.  I am happy.  My boat is a 1991.  I put Driftmaster rod holders on it in 1992.  I have done LOTS of striper and catfishing with them since then.  Two of the holders might have been original.  All three were old.  They showed their age and still got replaced.  They have the 3/8 shafts and have been lucky enough to see catfish weighing 55, 58, 60 and 66 pounds. 
Sometimes fishing very tight to cover, you have to keep the drag locked down to keep the cats from getting back into the junk and breaking you off.  The Driftmaster have done a fine job.  Thanks Driftmaster.     Dayton
Manning SC
(803) 473-4927
email: service@blackrivertools.com
My customers have caught THOUSANDS of fish on those DUO rod holders on my boat over the years.  They're holding up great!    Randy Saliga - Blue Heron Guide Service.
I use a total of 16 Driftmaster rod holders on my Charter boat for crappie.  I will be ordering more for my catfish rigging.  Captain Mike Starrett - Indian Head Charters
I just wanted to let you know what a great product you make.  The quality and flawless performance of these rod holders is truly impressive.  I troll, drift, bottom fish in salt as well as fresh water with my Driftmasters.  I have bought several boats in my time and have sold several as well.  The deal never includes the Driftmaster products.  My latest boat is a skiff that I purchased from my cousin in New Orleans.  This boat survived Katrina but she probably won't out last my Driftmasters.   Greg Serpas - aka
Capt. Coonass
We have used your rod holders for the last 6 years & will say they are the best & strongest we have ever used.  We have caught several fish over 40 lbs., and have never had a problem.   Thomas Andrews - Outdoor Adventures
I run a striper guide service on Lake Murray, SC and have used Driftmaster rod holders for years now.  I have never had an incident or a failure with this product.  Driftmaster even worked with me to custom design a rod holder that I wanted to use for a specific purpose.  I am a proud owner of this product and highly recommend Driftmaster to all my clients.  Buddy Bouknight - Sunrise Fishing Guide
Your products are outstanding!   Chris Kendrick -  Dallas, NC
I am very impressed with the quality you put in your products and the good ideas you have.   Carl Blickley -  Lexington, TN
The rod holder arrived and is mounted on my boat.  I could not be more pleased with it.  That lock sprocket is ingenious.  I've put your decal on my boat.  I'll sing your praises all over the Northwest.
Thank you for your great service.  Jim Nelson
Hi, this is Sonny Milby of Team Milby & Milby.  We just wanted you all to know how much we like the Gun Slinger holders we got from you guys about two months ago.  This is a much better set up from what we had and thanks very much for getting them out to us as fast as you did.  We fish Crappie USA and we are trying to send as many people your way.  Really good product.  Sonny Milby