Effective trolling speeds for catching many species are very similar to normal paddle speeds in a kayak or canoe.  That means you can paddle your way through pristine waters, enjoy quiet seclusion, and oh yeah - catch fish. 
Driftmaster offers a range of options for transforming your kayak or small boat into a fishing machine.
If you prefer single rod holders mounted individually or a trolling system to handle multiple rods, Driftmaster has a product to fit your needs.
A canoe rigged with A 212-B V-Round base and 210-H Li'l Pro rod holder.
Kayak rigged with the new T-1000 small boat trolling rack
Driftmaster Products Suitable For Small Boats
BASES - Mount to your boat.  Rod holders screw into bases and are easily removed when not in use.
Mounts to any flat or curved surface with 3/16" bolts.  Can be drilled out for 1/4" screws (for blind holes).
Removable C-clamp base opens to 1 7/8".
Drill clearence hole for center threads to mount flush.  Requires 1" wide flat surface.
Star Base

Li'l Pro 210-B
(3) 1/4" mounting holes for more stability.  Requires 2 1/2" flat surface.
ROD HOLDERS - screw into bases and are easily removed when not in use.
TROLLING SYSTEMS - Hold 2 rods at one location.
Mounts to 200-B Star Base (included)
Two Li'l Pro rod holders (included) allow unlimited adjustment: side-to-side and up-and-down.
*NEW* T-1000-H
Kayak and Canoe trolling system
Designed to hold 2 rods in convenient fishing position but out of the way of paddling.  Shown mounted to 212-B V-Round bases; for sit-on kayaks.  System will mount to any Li'l Pro series base.  Other base styles might be better suited for sit-in kayaks or other small boats.
Rod angles are adjustable in all directions.  7/8" diameter aluminum top bar is offset from vertical stems.  Can mounted to offset in either direction, to accommodate different boats and mounting locations.  Comes with two #100-H rod holders.
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Call 803-473-4927