Customise Your Boat For The Way You Fish

Comes With 3" Square, Aluminum Base Plate That Mounts With (4) 1/4" Stainless Screws (Included)

Can be mounted to the deck or clamped to square or round rails (as pictured).

For Rail Mounts, Order Seperately:

(2) 214-B For 7/8 Rail

(2) 215-B For 1" Rail 

(2) 216-B Clamp Bases For Square Rail
Anchor Arm Extended Over Water
Anchor Arm Retracted When Not In Use
Anyone who loves to fish has had to drop and pull anchors.  This can be back breaking work that leaves your hands cold and wet and often coats your boat with mud.  It’s no wonder pole anchors are becoming more and more popular among today’s anglers.  Driftmaster has introduced a pole anchor system that is affordable and easy to use.  The automatic anchor poles currently on the market are very expensive and can only be mounted on the stern.  The bow is a much better place to anchor a boat because in wind or current, your boat will turn into the direction of the anchor.  A stern mounted anchor system will often position you in the wrong direction for successful fishing.  The affordable Driftmaster Anchor System can be mounted anywhere along the boat deck or on existing rails.  Use multiple units to hold your boat in any position.  It has a mounted base plate with an “Anchor Arm” that extends out over the water. The arm retracts when not in use to prevent damage when docking or loading your boat.  The anchor arm uses stainless steel rings to engage the anchor pole.  The rings offer less resistance and allow the boat to move with wave action without pulling the pole off the bottom.  The AN-200 Anchor System comes with a mounting plate that bolts to the deck. However, it can be clamped to existing round or square rails with the separate purchase of (2) round or square rail clamps  The Anchor Pole is 12 feet long, solid aluminum.  It comes in three sections that screw together to keep shipping cost to a minimum.
#AN-200 12 Foot Pole Anchor System          Patent Pending      Only $249.00  Call 803-473-4927
2 Units Holding 19 Foot Center Concole Broadside To The Breeze
Anchor Pole Is 12 Feet Long, Solid 3/4 Aluminum
It Comes In (3) Four Foot Sections That Screw Together

Bottom Section Is Rounded To Penetrate The Bottom

Top Section Has A Stainless Pin Pressed In To Prevent Loosing The Anchor Pole Should The Boat Rise Enough To Disengage The Pole From The Anchor Arm
#AN-200 12 Foot Anchor Pole System Patent Pending

$249.00   Call 803-473-4927 or